Advanced Analytica

Jonathan Bowker

Guiding businesses on the journey to becoming the AI-enabled organisations of the future.

Jonathan Bowker - CEO

The emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI), exemplified by platforms like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Claude, has ignited widespread discovery and experimentation. However, UK organisations of all sizes face a common challenge: a knowledge gap hindering the integration of AI into their strategic frameworks. Coupled with a significant shortage of expertise, this impedes AI innovation and adoption. Bridging this divide is essential for the deployment of responsible and trustworthy AI and secure AI communications management.

As the CEO, AI lead, and accredited legal technologist at Advanced Analytica, I have invested thousands of hours in research and experimentation with cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure safe and effective communication with generative AI and Large Language Models. I serve on the panel of Accredited Legal Technologists at the Law Society of Scotland, regularly blog in LinkedIn, and offer exclusive mentoring programs to accelerate the adoption of responsible and trustworthy AI.

I provide guidance to senior management on the development and implementation of AI strategy for more intelligent and secure operations. With practical experience and detailed expertise in compliance and the benefits AI technologies can deliver for organisations of all sizes, I am regularly consulted on de-risking 'bet-the-farm' investments in AI. Through mentorship and AI transformation programmes, I guide startups and established UK businesses on the journey to becoming the AI-empowered organisations of the future.