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About us

Helping businesses of all sizes research, develop and deploy responsible and trustworthy AI

About Us

Advanced Analytica operates at the frontier of AI research and development, having developed an AI use case framework and methodologies to simplify the way AI models are created and interacted with. They are specifically designed to enhance generative AI models by incorporating configurable elements such as ethics best practice, legal compliance, safety, knowledge, memory, and narrative controls, amongst others. This unique approach allows unprecedented levels of interoperability and customisation in AI systems.

Our approach at Advanced Analytica involves using AICE (AI Communications Engine) to program specific characteristics into AI models. We utilise a blend of cutting-edge AI technologies to embody AI entities that exhibit distinct personalities and possess a deep contextual awareness. These AI entities or Digividuals®, are capable of understanding complex concepts, reasoning through problems, and executing tasks with a high degree of proficiency.

At the heart of our operations is a dedicated team of data engineers, complemented by legal technologists. This diverse group of experts collaborates to engineer safe AI systems and products that push the boundaries of technological innovation and adhere strictly to ethical standards. 

Our mission is to ensure that our advanced AI systems are technologically superior, safe, fair, and in align with human values. We are committed to ensuring that our products consistently comply with the latest regulations and controls, thereby setting new standards in the responsible development and deployment of safe AI technology.

Our commitment at Advanced Analytica goes beyond building AI systems, we are dedicated to shaping the future of safe AI in a way that harmonises with societal expectations and contributes positively to the advancement of technology in harmony with ethical considerations. We believe that the future of AI should be shaped by a synergy of technological prowess and moral responsibility, and we are working to make this vision a reality.