AI Labs

AI Transformation services

Transforming  existing knowledge into intelligent agents and smart automation solutions. 

AI Transformation Services

Our AI Transformation Services help business manage the change to AI-driven operations. 

We recognise the demand to deliver innovative solutions with tightening budgets poses a significant challenge for most businesses, thats why we provide a suite of services to address this challenge head-on. From Intelligent Automation, to streamline workflows integrating existing knowledge with AI, Strategic Consulting to guide businesses through their AI integration journey and Intelligent Data Platform implementation to drive operations, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and business objectives.

AI Transformation Services

AI automation

Transform your existing knowledge and expertise into high performing intelligent agents that can chat about their services, produce content and automate workflows using AI & ML. A flexible, sprint-based solution for rapidly testing and delivering practical AI tools.

Strategic consulting

The journey to successful AI strategy and integration for any business needs to start at the top. Our team of highly-experienced AI experts help small and mid size businesses to create a strategic plan and roadmap for AI change management, adoption and compliance. 

Synthetic data

Data privacy and security is a significant barrier for experimenting and prototyping intelligent agents and automated workflows. Our data generation engine can instantly create create synthetic data customised to your specific use cases and and models.

LLM Selection

As the development of Large Language  Models (LLMs) is rapidly evolving, understanding your options is vital for maintaining and competitive advantage. We constantly test and benchmark LLMs performance to identify the risks associated with them and the vendor selection process.

AI Assurance Solutions

AI use case assessments and strategy

The development of use case assessment tools, due diligence frameworks, and strategic planning. Detailed analysis and prioritisations of use cases to ensure optimal deployment, integration and performance of AI systems, products and services.

Impact assessments and evaluations

Implementing layered assessment frameworks to anticipate and measure new systems, and retrospectively evaluate the effects of existing AI systems on various outcomes, including environmental, equality, human rights, and privacy impact assesments.

Bias and compliance audits

Rigorous audits to identify and rectify unfair biases within algorithmic decision-making systems. Additionally, conducting compliance audits to review adherence to internal policies, external regulations, and legal requirements.

Certification and performance testing

Verification processes and regulator audits of products, services, or organisations, against objective quality or performance standards. Comprehensive evaluation methods to gauge AI system functionality against predefined benchmarks and performance requirements.

Formal verifications and conformity assessments

Employing mathematical techniques and logical analysis to ensure AI systems meet specified requirements. Assurance that products, services, or systems meet specified expectations before market entry, involving activities such as testing and inspection.