AI Communication Engine

AI communication management

Build  domain knowledge expertise in conversational AI personas that can be deployed to any environment 

What is the AI Communications Engine?

AICE (AI Communications Engine), is a suite of proprietary generative AI tools developed by Advanced Analytica to manage and control communications with Large Language Models like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Claude. Just as modern communication protocols enable efficient data transfer, AICE facilitates the seamless communication of data, insights, and instructions across various AI systems, applications, and stakeholders.

In the AI landscape, AICE plays a pivotal role in optimising operations. It simplifies the process of sharing data inputs, predictions from AI models, and analytical outcomes. Whether it's enabling different AI models to collaborate on intricate tasks or facilitating the interaction with applications, AICE ensures that communication is controlled, streamlined and coherent.

AICE manages of AI dialogue flows, builds memory and enables the deployment of Digividuals across diverse systems and platforms. By establishing a unified communication system, AICE empowers organisations to fully harness the power of AI by facilitates smooth and effective information exchange.

Why did you build AICE?

Until recently, AI models had to be trained to perform very specific tasks using large datasets, but now with the power AICE, we can build helpful, responsible and trustworthy AI systems and Digividual personas in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the data. 

What can you do with AICE?

AICE brings together new generative AI capabilities with traditional machine learning and reinforcement learning from human feedback in a developer toolkit. With AICE, we can train, evaluate, fine tune, and deploy controlled AI models in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the data.

AICE provides us with the capacity to build safe and fair AI models to meet your specific business needs and achieve desired results. If your AI models need more detailed customisation, we can quickly refine them with human reinforced training techniques to be more accurate for your specific use case.  

We can help you create and deploy expert AI systems and products that are ready to start work immediately. We make safe and fair AI accessible, transparent and understandable to and empower you to build and implement sophisticated generative AI models we call "Digividuals",  that can streamline and boost business workflows and meet data protection, ethics and legal obligations by default.